Our Homeschool

Bentley Academy

(What a boring name!)

So many years ago we sent our oldest child off to Kindergarten without a second thought. That’s what parents do. A couple of years later I had a girlfriend that I had gone to high school tell me that they were going to homeschool their children. I thought she was crazy!

Early on it became clear that keeping Cassie challenged would a bit of work. (Not that she’s a genius… just ahead of the crowd.) After Kindergarten we switched elementary schools to one offering more enrichment programs. Later on with our move to Indiana, we no longer had those options. By the beginning of her 6th grade year each day was becoming more and more frustrating. Academically, she wasn’t being challenged at all. Socially, she wasn’t happy either. The final straw was finding out about the abundance of what we certainly considered unacceptable behavior that was rampant in the middle school. There was no way we would send Cassie there for her 7th grade year.

After a great deal of research we made the commitment to homeschool her for at least the middle school years. Not knowing what lie ahead of us, I wasn’t ready to even think about high school!

What began as a decision based in fear transitioned to one walked in faith. There were rough days of course, but it was the best choice we ever made! We had no idea how homeschooling would benefit our faith and our family.

Today Cassie is a college graduate, so our little homeschool just has one student left. Lexie is a high school Junior and we’re almost done!

It’s all about the journey…

2 thoughts on “Our Homeschool

  1. Hi Tara! I am considering homeschooling Evan next year for 4th grade. I am checking into dayton Christians homeschool curriculum next week.i was on Morgan”s fb and saw cassie’s post. May need to call you for some advice if that would be ok? I will know more next week.
    God’s timiing is sooooo amazing not sure why I was suprised to see this post today!

    Love, Tracy

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