Another heartwarming tale from Tricia Goyer…

A Christmas Gift for Rose 
(Coming September 2013)


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Born in the midst of the hardships of The Great Depression, Rose grew up in Berlin, Ohio, in the arms of a loving Amish family. But as she prepares to marry, she’s thrown into confusion when she learns the truth of her birth. She was born Englisch and abandoned when the family moved on in search of work.

Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind—Englischers? And was her intended’s gift of discovering her birth family given out of love or fear?

Looking for a quick read? Check out A Christmas Gift for Rose from one of my very, favorite authors Tricia Goyer.

Tricia has once agan crafted a sweet romantic story, this time by blending two favorite worlds… historical fiction and amish fiction. At heart, it’s a classic love story.

Rose is a woman dwelling on the pain and rejection of having the man she loves leave their way of life behind to enlist. With the war over, Jonathan has returned and now she must confront her feelings. Does he have a place in her life if their community won’t accept him? But before Rose can listen to her own heart her life is turned upside down when a family secret is revealed.

I loved this quick read. When life is so crazy, it’s often hard to find time to dive into a great story. But, Tricia’s words drew me in from page one and her characters were quickly drawn to my heart. This Christmas novella is the perfect mental retreat for the soul!



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Review: Colleen Coble’s Rosemary Cottage

Colleen Coble’s latest release Rosemary Cottage is a sweet page-turner, full of twists and turns.

For years I’ve seen Colleen Coble’s name top best seller lists and yet I was never drawn to any of her titles. It just seemed that her genres and my own interests would never meet.

Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble

After all, many of her books are labeled “romantic suspense”, a genre I wasn’t really drawn to.

But something about the title and cover of this latest book drew me in. And I’m glad it did!

“The cottage by the sea offers Amy a refuge to mourn her brother’s death and perhaps even discover a new love. But what if Ben’s death was no accident?”

Page by page, I was drawn into Amy’s story. After arriving in Hope Island Amy finds her life intertwined with Coast Guard officer Curtis Ireland as he raises his niece Raine. The pair quickly become an important part of Amy’s life as everything she thought she knew about her brother begins to fall apart.

Well written and crafted, I greatly enjoyed Rosemary Cottage. Amy’s commitment to find the truth and honor the memory of her brother is believable and heartfelt. This book is the second in Hope Beach Series, but I easily jumped into the book without having read the first one. The people around her provide a robust cast of characters and I hope to go back to check out the series beginning. Well done, Colleen!

Colleen Coble’s “Rosemary Cottage” Nautical Summer Giveaway


Water can be calming and healing, but it can also be dangerous, as Amy Lange and Curtis Ireland both found out. Both lost their siblings to the sea, and they hope to find healing on Hope Island. But will they find it, or will their quest to find answers set them at odds with each other and with those who have secrets that need to stay hidden?

Find out in Colleen Coble’s latest book, Rosemary Cottage, which released July 9. To celebrate, Colleen is hosting a 12-day Nautical Summer Giveaway. From July 16-27, Colleen will be giving away a new nautical prize every day. She’ll announce the winners on July 29 on her website, so mark your calendars for that date to see if you were picked as a lucky winner!

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