Micro Business for Teens, by Carol Topp

One of the best gifts a parent can give their child is information about handling money. Ready to take it up a notch? Give them the tools to run their own micro business. Check out the Micro Business for Teens series:

  1. Starting a Micro Business
  2. Running a Micro Business
  3. Micro Business for Teens Workbook
  4. Money and Taxes in a Micro Business

Carol Topp, author and CPA, packs her years of experience into a full curriculum that will equip your student with all the information they need. Packed full of real examples of successful teen businesses alongside doable, practical advice, each book is a resource your child will turn to time and time again.

From figuring out where to start, developing a marketing plan, record keeping, and time management, each book walks students step by step in simple, clear teachings. The ideal instruction manual for a young entrepreneur in the making.

The 5 Money Personalities, by Scott & Bethany Palmer

Have you ever had a fight about money? Wondered why the person you were talking to didn’t see it the same way you do? Did it feel like you weren’t even talking the same language?

Check out the latest book by authors and financial planners, Scott & Bethany Palmer, The 5 Money Personalities, Speaking the Same Love and Money Language. After years spent counseling couples over their finances the authors came to the realization that couples couldn’t stick to a solid financial plan without the ability to understand why they handled their money the way they did.

The Palmers developed a personality test to help guide people to a better understanding of how they treat their money and how it affects their personality. Are you a risk taker or a saver? A security seeker or a flyer? Perhaps you are a spender. Take the test with your spouse to find out.

The authors also point out that we are all more complex than one simple personality trait. They believe that we each have a Primary and a Secondary Money Personality and we develop these inclinations toward money from the time we are very young.

“Over the past two decades, in our work as financial planners, we saw couples fighting about money even when their finances were just fine and they had plenty of cash. We determined that finances were not at the center of couples’ money issues; it was their differing day-to-day approaches to money.”

(Also: Check out this quick video interview of the Palmers on Fox News for more.)

I like the authors’ approach and their way of explaining how our personalities affect even the smallest of our daily purchases. The focus of this book is about effective communication and setting a foundation for how to move forward. There are oodles of money management tools on the market that preach the “how” of managing your money… but they won’t magically work without fist having a clear understanding of “why” we do what we do. This book is a great way to start.

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